Dr. Albert D. Chester II is a Jacksonville native and graduate of Florida A & M University earning his Doctorate in Pharmacy. After graduating he returned to the city and has been working as a Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens for over 10 years. He has now expanded his efforts to become the Founder, Program Director, and Instructor for The Capstone Institute. The school is licensed by the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Board of Pharmacy. Located just north of Jacksonville the Institute serves as a post-secondary vocational school with a focus on healthcare training of pharmacy technicians.

This program is focused on providing academic training to students residing in the community in which it serves. Providing its residents with alternative educational opportunities from within. Operating in its inaugural year The Capstone Institute looks to increase its students competence and knowledge base in the field of pharmacy. The Capstone Institute was recently highlighted on The Huffington Post, Florida.com, The Chat, Action News JAX, Jacksonville Free Press and many other notable publications. This program is absolutely revolutionary!

I want to do my part in serving our community.
— Dr. Albert D. Chester II