Bigger Than Business!

Bigger Than Business!

What I’m really speaking about is walking in purpose and what that means for us. The “Us,”  I am referring to in this context is today’s young black professional. We live in a challenging time socially. We’ve matriculated through a world in which we think we’ve achieved access. We find ourselves faced with the fact that we’ve gained the right to be present (education, credentials, etc.), but  we’re still not accepted in the workplace.

The Silent Majority STANDS with Trump

Let's try to look past the obvious racial undertones of such campaign slogans. There's some truth in it, but President Trump’s target demographic is taking this literally. America is supposed to be a safe place where your rights and freedoms are protected, right? But bigotry seems to be BLOWING UP and is unfortunately overshadowing basic humanity.

Straight Outta Cliches

This film did a fantastic job remaining broad and focusing on NWA as a whole, highlighting the cultural significance and impact they had on all of America. There are many underlying issues addressed and ignored, but let’s not forget the issues that Black America refuses to acknowledge.